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Dukan Diet, What Is It?

Dukan Diet Will Help You Lose Weight.

The Dukan Diet is revolutionary new weight loss method that’s changing the way the world looks at dieting. Not just another fad diet that forces you into unhealthy eating patterns, the Dukan diet was created with one thought in mind: You can not successfully lose weight if you’re starving yourself.


Originally created in 1975 by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French nutritionist and dietician, the Dukan diet was finally published in 2000 and since then millions of people around the world have seen amazing weight loss results.

Dukan Diet Whats The Secret ?

In 1975, Dukan was treating patients for obesity and, at the time, the common belief was that, in order to lose weight, you had to severely restrict your food intake, as well as your intake of calories. Consequently, dieters were always hungry which just led to frustration and failure. After years of research, Dukan came up with an alternative: Allow dieters to eat and break the diet into 4 phases.

Of course, any dieter knows, you can’t eat just anything you want. Dukan’s list of allowed foods contains 72 foods rich in protein and 28 vegetables. The 4 phases are as follows:

Dukan Diet Phase 1 This is the Attack Phase. During this phase the metabolism is stimulated, which helps speed digestion. Dieters are allowed to eat any of the 72 protein-rich foods on the list during this phase, which lasts from 2 to 7 days, depending on weight loss goals. Expect to lose up to 2 pounds during this phase.

Dukan Diet Phase 2 This is the Cruise Phase and at this point 28 vegetables are added to the list of allowed food. At this point, weight loss slows to 1 pound per week. This gradual weight loss is easier to maintain.

Dukan Diet Phase 3 This is the Consolidation Phase and it may be the most important. It’s during this phase that dieters are allowed to start introducing other foods back into their meal plan, including breads, fruits and starchy foods. When done properly, weight loss is maintained.

Dukan Diet Phase 4 This final phase is the Stabilization Phase and dieters are allowed to return to a normal diet, with one exception. At least one day per week they’re required to revert back to Phase 1 and eat only protein for the day.

What Makes The Dukan Diet Different?

Following the Dukan Diet prevents your body from going into that stage where you’re constantly hungry and craving foods you know you shouldn’t eat. And you’re not eliminating any necessary food groups from your eating plan like some of the other fad diets recommend.

The real difference is that people are able to follow the Dukan Diet and stick with it. In the beginning you lose weight quickly, then taper off to gradual weight loss, which makes it even easier to meet and maintain your weight loss goals. With the Dukan Diet you’re always losing weight and you never feel hungry. And that’s what really makes the dukan diet so different.



Dukan Diet Attack Phase Food List

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Food List

If you are searching for the 72 Dukan Diet attack phase food list , keep reading.

Out of the 4 phases of the Dukan Diet, it is simply during the first couple, the attack and cruise phases in which you will predominantly

need to refer to the dukan diet attack phase food list ? to lose weight. The additional two stages the consolidation and stabilization phases are to sustain and also protect that very hard attained weight loss.

Within his all new Dukan Diet Cookbook which is simply a recipe book designed by Doctor Dukan, these are his very own recipes as well as those provided by avid fans of the diet whose ingenuity and recipe methods thrilled him (Ofcourse only foods within the dukan diet attack phase food list are used). The recipe book emphasizes attack and cruise recipes – the pure protein recipes to assist you in completing the attack phase of the diet.


Doctor Dukan has actually incorporated a list of 100 Safe Foods which you can devour in unlimited amounts among the first two phases of the diet. The 1st 72 Dukan authorized foods are the proteins. These are the foods that you can eat throughout the attack phase of the diet. They are PURELY foods you can eat while attacking. You can eat as much as you want – it’s like a as much as you can  eat meal of scrumptious foods but you must not deviate from the foods on the Dukan Diet attack phase food  list.


All of these 72 Foods within the dukan diet attack phase food list are safe to eat in unlimited quantities on every phase of the diet.


Dukan diet attack phase food list consists of-


Dab/Lemon sole

Dover sole

Fish roe – Cod, Salmon, Herring, Mullet


Grey Mullet








Rainbow Trout/Salmon Trout



Red Mullet

Sea Bass


Sea bream

Smoked Salmon











Dublin Bay prawns

Mediterranean prawns/ Gambas






Seafood sticks – surimi


dukan diet attack phase food list also includes-

2. Poultry

Chicken livers


Guinea Fowl







Hen’s eggs

dukan diet attack phase food list also contains the meat section-

3.Meat and Offal

Beef Steak

Fillet of beef

Sirloin Steak

Roast Beef

Rump Steak


Bresaola (air dried beef)

Veal escalope


Calf’s liver

Veal Chop

Cooked ham slices (no fat, no rind)

Cooked chicken and turkey slices (no fat, no rind)

Fat reduced bacon

Game – Venison, pheasant, partridge, grouse


Quail’s eggs

Virtually Fat-Free Dairy Products

Skim milk

Virtually fat-free quark

Virtually fat-free fromage frais

Virtually fat-free cottage cheese

Fat-free Greek yoghurt

Fat Free natural yoghurt

Vegetable Protein



Adding to the Dukan Diet attack phase food list  you should additionally have one and a half Tbsp of oat bran per day.

In another post we will check out at the additional 28 things you eat – the 28 Vegetable list that complete the 100 Natural foods for the attack and cruise phases that you should eat in unrestricted amounts. I am hoping, you found the Dukan Diet 72 Foods list helpful for your attack phase.

The Dukan Diet Attack Phase Food List